Our Services For Owners



  • Over 40 years in business in the Denver area.
  • Over 32 years in the same location.
  • Proven track record. Established, efficient operating procedures.


  • Each property is assigned to a specific, professional property management specialist.
  • You will always have one point of contact. Your property will be overseen by one person with assistance from a support staff for accounting, leasing and maintenance.
  • Your manager will be completely aware of what is going on with your property. You won’t be shuffled from one person to another to address your questions and concerns about your property.


  • We maintain friendly, positive relations with owners and residents.
  • You will receive a response to your phone call or e-mail within 24 hours, if not sooner.
  • When we receive a notice that your resident is moving we will promptly notify you.
  • We communicate regularly when your property is vacant or if there is a significant maintenance issue or other special situation concerning your property.
  • If you do not receive a prompt response or if you are concerned about any issue related to our services you are always welcome to contact the owner of the company, Steve Smith; 303-233-3976 ext. 20 or e-mail; ssmith@atsmithco.com


  • Owner’s funds are disbursed on time on-line or first class mail.
  • Easy to understand owner statements on-line or first class mail.
  • Historical statements readily available on-line.
  • Many additional reports available upon request.
  • Composite statements are provided at the end of each year to assist in preparation of your income tax return.
  • Vendor invoices are checked by the property manager and accountant before the vendor is paid.
  • If funds are available, vendors are paid promptly.
  • If the invoice is due to resident negligence the resident is billed.
  • We bill residents for utilities when applicable to your property.
  • Organized records; invoices, leases, etc.  available for review at any time.
  • Escrow accounts are balanced monthly.
  • Escrow accounts are maintained in accordance with

Colorado Real Estate Commission rules.

  • Escrow accounts are FDIC insured.


  • Your property will be marketed promptly with a beautiful, comprehensive ad on our web site, our mobile site, Craig’s list and many other popular rental sites on the web at no additional cost to you.
  • Our mobile site provides immediate access to available properties.
  • Attractive yard signs with QR code for easy access to property information.


  • Every effort is made to rent your property as quickly as possible to responsible people that will take care of your property, pay on time and fulfill the terms of the lease.
  • The size of our inventory enables us to provide housing to a wide variety of residents with different needs and enhances our ability to rent your property quickly.
  • If a current resident is moving we make every effort to lease one of our other properties to them.
  • Applications from prospective residents are promptly processed. Applicants are thoroughly screened; credit report, rental references, employment/income verification, criminal history, eviction history, sex offender registry.
  • We believe the key to successful property management is;

Rent to the right people to begin with.

  • Comprehensive 7 page lease with several addendums that we have developed over years in the property management business.
  • Thorough move-in orientation.
  • Every new resident receives a 23 point list of helpful maintenance tips that will help them take better care of your property, reduce maintenance expense and reduce after- hours emergency calls.


  • Full service maintenance division with experienced maintenance techs.
  • We are not dependent on 3rd party handymen with whom communication, availability and scheduling may be difficult.
  • Maintenance services include; plumbing, carpentry, tile, electrical, drywall, painting, trash removal, etc.
  • Because we have our own maintenance staff your property will be prepared quickly and professionally so you can obtain the highest rent and best quality resident in the shortest amount of time.
  • With our own maintenance staff we can address maintenance issues quickly. Happy residents take better care of the property, stay longer and pay their rent on time.
  • All of our work is guaranteed.
  • Interior designer on staff will coordinate selection and installation of affordable improvements if your property is being remodeled. There is no extra fee for this service.


  • A thorough 31 point maintenance survey is performed when your property becomes vacant.
  • The property manager will discuss significant items in the report with you.
  • Whenever our maintenance staff visits your property a 7 point inspection is performed including property condition, deferred maintenance, resident abuse, etc. Any problems will be promptly reported to the property manager for further action.
  • We perform free, informal inspections upon your request.
  • A detailed semi-annual written maintenance survey can be performed,(there is an  additional fee for this service).Repairs and improvements are thoroughly documented before the new resident takes occupancy.
  • Repairs and improvements are thoroughly documented before the new resident takes occupancy.


  • We use state of the art software, mobile devices and computers that make our services efficient and convenient for you and your residents.
  • Our software and mobile devices provide our staff easy access to all of the information concerning your property from the field.
  • We can begin marketing your property on the internet immediately – from your property.


  • We have a long list of professional vendors with whom we have established strong relationships over several years; plumbing, HVAC, drain cleaning, general cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control, windows, roofing, gutters, appliance repairs and replacement, new floor coverings, window coverings, etc.
  • These vendors treat you right because of the volume of business we give them. We receive discounted rates and prompt, excellent service.
  • The discounted rates are passed on to you, our client. We do not mark- up vendor charges or receive other benefits from vendors


  • Residents can pay rent on-line or at the neighborhood 7-11.
  • We are aggressive in collecting delinquent rent.


  • We are fully insured with liability, workmen’s compensation insurance and errors and omissions insurance.
  • We are licensed by the State of Colorado.


  • Customer service is our top priority.
  • We are thorough.
  • We place emphasis on consistent attention to detail.
  • Our team has regular training meetings to improve and maintain the quality of service we provide our clients and residents.
  • Our team regularly attends property management seminars to stay up to date with the latest laws and issues in property management.


  • We specialize in property management only. We do not sell real estate.  Property management is a complex business with many facets. It is important you have a property manager that is focused only on property management.
  • Real estate sales is also a specialty that requires different knowledge and skill sets. You should have a real estate broker for purchasing and selling real estate and a property manager for property management.
  • If you wish to purchase or sell real estate we can refer you to excellent real estate brokers that specialize in the area your property is located in.


  • BBB; A+ rating.
  • NARPM; National Association of Property Managers
  • AAMD; Apartment Association of Metro Denver
  • DMAR; Denver Metro Association of Realtors


  • We strictly follow fair housing laws. A.T. Smith & Co. does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, religion, physical disability, sexual orientation, marital status or familial status.  All according to Colorado Fair Housing Law, C.R.S. 24-34-501.


Property Management Services You Can Trust.
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  • Are you looking for an experienced firm to manage your rental properties?
  • Do you want to know what our services include and the geographic area’s we cover?
  • Do you want to know our fees?
  • Our team of property managers have years of experience in dealing with the day to day accounting, marketing and communications needed to deal directly with your tenants.
  • We handle all aspects of rental property management including leasing, marketing, rent collections, bill paying, resident relations and maintenance. You will receive an easy to read accounting statement at the end of each month.


Many new investors fear purchasing apartment buildings believing their lives are going to be completely taken over by the tenants and the building upkeep.

The things they should realize, however, is they can spend money on an apartment or complex and steer clear of the hassle of hiring plumbers and janitors or even speaking to a tenant.

They only need to hire a highly trained and capable apartment management company to manage their investment.

This is Where A.T. Smith & Company Can and Will Improve Your Bottom Line, and Save You Money!

We are a FULL service apartment management company. We can handle apartment communities of 4 to 40 units.

We handle all aspects of rental property management including:

  • Leasing
  • Marketing
  • Rent collections
  • Bill paying
  • Resident relations
  • Maintenance