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Residential Property Management Denver Colorado

Residential Property Managers DenverA.T. Smith & Company can offer you a wide range of property management services. Our team of property managers have years of experience in dealing with the day to day management problems including; maintenance, marketing, leasing, communications and inspections necessary to effectively manage your property. Call Us Today and Find Out We Can Help (303) 233-3976

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Rental Property Managers DenverApartment Management Services We handle all aspects of property management services including: Inspections Accounting Communications A COMPLETE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM CALL US TODAY TO SPEAK WITH ONE OF OUR PROPERTY MANAGERS

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A.T. Smith & Company is a property management firm that specializes in leasing, managing and maintaining residential rental properties including single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, plexes and apartment buildings.

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RE: Thomas Chang When our jobs took us to New Jersey and we were unable to manage our Denver rental properties, we were fortunate enough to begin our association with your property management company sometime around 1994. In the almost 20 years of our relationship, A. T. Smith & Company has managed our properties in a professional manner with particularly excellent service from Thomas Chang who has provided “above and beyond” service throughout our relationship.
Les & Carol
It makes a lot of sense to hire a professional property management company.
  • We take the hassles out of owning rental property.
  • You will save loads of time.
  • We know how to keep the bad tenants out.
  • We collect the rent. We know what to do when the rent is not paid.
  • We know the rental market.
  • We deal with emergencies and other calls 24/7.
  • We know the laws. Violations can create enormous problems that are time consuming and very expensive.
  • We deal with 3rd parties concerned about your property; neighbors and government entities.
  • We know how to deal with the pet issue.
  • We know how to enforce the terms of the lease.
  • We know how to inspect the property and prepare it for a new tenant.
  • We handle all maintenance requests such as;
  1. There is no heat.
  2. The drain is clogged.
  3. There are bugs all over.
  4. The plumbing fixtures are leaking.
  5. There is no hot water.
  6. I am locked out!
  7. Etc. etc.
We handle all tenant complaints such as;
  1. The neighbors play their music too loud.
  2. The lawn is drying out because the sprinkler system is not working.
  3. I think the neighbors are dealing drugs.
  4. There is trash all over.
  5. Some one broke into my apartment.
  6. Etc. etc.

Call Us Today To Speak With One Of Our Property Managers (303) 233-3976