RE: Sue Garvin


“Thank you Sue at the front desk for getting info passed along and facilitating all of our apartment needs. I would recommend A.T. Smith as they have a variety of affordable properties.”


Recommend A.T. Smith & Company

RE: Ruby Gonzalez, Property Manager


Terrific 20 years! You have always been so very nice and of course extremely helpful.


RE: Laura Freese, Property Manager


“ Laura Freese has been a wonderful property manager for myself and my family. She’s professional, effective and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her services to everyone I know who’s in need of property management. K.W. “

Wonder Property Manager

Laura was very good to my mother and uncle. Any time she had something wrong (Maint issues), she would send someone out right away. Couldn’t ask for any other person as good as you. Thank you so much.

Couldn’t ask for any other person as good as Laura

“RE: Jesse Adams, Resident Manager and Staff”


“ I though both Jesse and the A.T. Smith staff were exceptional.  Paying rent was easy and any repairs were done quickly.”

“D. R. “

Exceptional Resident Manager & Staff

RE: A.T. Smith & Company

“I would love to rent through your company again as my experience with you was a great one.”




Tracy D

RE: Testimonial on behalf of Laura Freese

This letter is long overdue, and for that I apologize. However, the delay does not lessen the sincerity of which this is being sent.

Laura Freese has been my property manager for almost 4 ½  years now. My previous property manager, also with A.T. Smith, unfortunately passed away very unexpectedly, and therefore the baton was passed to Laura to manage my duplex in Lakewood. She has not dropped the baton since and continues to carry it extremely well.

I am an absentee landlord. My rental is in Colorado, and I reside in California and Nevada. Because I am long distance, it is crucial that I have a professional property manager who looks out for my best interest. Both A.T. Smith and especially Laura Freese, continue to manager my property efficiently and effectively, with my best interest at heart.

I have little tenant turnover in my duplex, and it continues to provide a profit for the over 10 plus years I have owned the property. I contribute this profit to Laura and her great expertise in screening and pre-qualifying perspective tenants. She has vast experience in professionally dealing with the public and has a keen sense of reading people, connecting their dots and finding the right match.

Laura has excellent relationships with contractors, repair and maintenance workers, carpet cleaners, painters, etc. Through her relationships, she has been able to find me the best prices and products when something needs to be repaired or updated in my rental. This is invaluable for me as being long distance, and until last year working full time, I was not able to do the due diligence that Laura does in finding qualified workers and quality products. This is again, another reason that my rental is profitable.

So, I sincerely thank Laura for her great expertise and her ability and experience to help me out in so many ways. She has consistently gone above and beyond to assist me in whatever my needs may be.

I strongly recommend A.T. Smith, especially their property manager Laura Freese, to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and professional relationship with their property manager, one that you can count on to look after your best interest and be your trusted advisor.

Pam R.

RE; Laura Freese, Property Manager

We had a good 2 years with one of the most friendly managers around, Laura Freese.  Always able to help when we needed it.

Rob S.

RE: Laura Freese, Property Manager

Overall, my experience in the Dover St Apartments were very pleasant.  I enjoyed my apartment and the overall community.  My concerns were always quickly and professionally addressed by Laura Freese.  She was a great property manager and it was a pleasure working with her.

Rachel B

RE: Ruby Gonzalez, Property Manager

 Thank you for the awesome professionalism and quick attention to your tenant‘s needs.  This includes your resident manager and her family.

Joyce S.

RE: Thomas Chang

When our jobs took us to New Jersey and we were unable to manage our Denver rental properties, we were fortunate enough to begin our association with your property management company sometime around 1994.

In the almost 20 years of our relationship, A. T. Smith & Company has managed our properties in a professional manner with particularly excellent service from Thomas Chang who has provided “above and beyond” service throughout our relationship.

Les & Carol

RE: Ruby Gonzalez & Crystal Sierra

Thanks so much for all your work.  I feel relieved that you and your assistant, Crystal Sierra can handle all the maintenance tasks!

Tracy D

RE: Ruby Gonzalez

Thank you for all your help on my rental.  Your name (Ruby) truly expresses what a treasure you are to those of us fortunate enough to interact with you.  Best wishes.


RE: Laura Freese

I would like to tell you that we were extremely happy with your services and all of the help and reassurance you had to offer.  We talked with several property managers and you immediately stood out as the right person for us to work with even from our first phone call.  Because of this, I will gladly be recommending you to anyone I talk with that is in need of a property manager. 

Josh H

Thanks so much for all your work.  I feel so relieved that Ruby and Crystal can handle all the management tasks!

Tracy D

My husband and I are new tenants in your property at Franklin St.  I wanted to share with you my experience working with Ruby and Crystal.  Ruby took a lot of time with us on the day of the lease signing to make sure we understood everything and that we were comfortable.  On move-in day, Crystal was very thorough with our walk-through and helpful with any last questions we had.  Ruby also stopped by to make sure we were happy and everything was going smoothly.  I appreciate your company’s attention to detail with the preparation of the home.  We are 4 days into our new home and we couldn’t be happier.


Nikki & Adam G.

RE: Laura and Maintenance Staff

You have a really great support team of contractors and in-house maintenance.  I really appreciate how well everything goes.


I love my apartment.  Laura was awesome and very pleasant to work with.  

Amanda H

Everyone we have experienced at A.T. smith has been very professional.  Had my job not changed, we would have stayed here as long as you would have let us!

Mark H

Laura was a great property manager.  Things were fixed on time and affordable rent.  Thank you for making this apartment feel like home.

Emily C

I love how maintenance comes when needed.  I love when you call someone picks up the phone.  All & all I love it.

Monica G

RE: Ruby Gonzalez

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done managing our buildings for us over these many years.  You are such a professional and we have the utmost respect for you!

C & H

I really like living in the apartment because Ruby Gonzalez was the manager.  Whenever I needed something, she attempted to fix everything that was necessary.

Irma G

Everything was always fast and easy with A.T. Smith & Company.

Megan C

I just wanted to thank Ruby and Sue for at least helping me through my move out process.  They really tried to make a positive out of a negative situation and for that I am grateful.  I would rent from A.T. Smith in the future if Ruby & Sue were my management representatives.  

Tina M

I loved renting from A.T. Smith.  I have lived in this unit for 10 years.  Before that I rented two other units from Ruby.  If anything I liked was available, I would have stayed with A.T. Smith & Co.  Ruby is great at what she does!

Crystal R

A.T. Smith & Co was flexible and accommodating.  We appreciate Sue & Ruby’s time in helping us.  This unit was very nice.

Taisen & Robert

Thank you so much.  I appreciate the time and courtesy you all put into us after Ruby became our property manager.

Celeste D

Overall this has been a nice place to live.  I really love the openness between the buildings, the smell of lilacs blooming and wafting thru my open windows.  The apartments are large and roomy.  Ruby has always been very pleasant to deal with and resolves issues quickly.  As for the resident managers Ron & Deanna were very friendly and always helpful.  T.S. was a great manager.

Aneta T

I just wanted to tell you how much of a God send you were to me yesterday!  As you know life has thrown me through a few loops lately, and to have someone help me as quickly and kindly as possible made one thing in life easier right now!  You are amazing at what you do, and I have never rented from a company so attentive and so quick!  Again, my deepest gratitude and thanks for doing what you do well.

Brittanie B

RE: Columbine Gardens Apts

Management was very helpful and promptly responded.  Property was well maintained.

Chad S

I am really going to miss our apartment here.  It was very comfy and the next renters will love it just like I did.  Thank you Ruby for all the good work and understanding.

Steven S & Jamie M

I had a great experience renting from A.T. Smith & Co.  We loved it and never had any trouble living there or in the area.

Nohemi V

Ruby was a delight.  I hope all my new landlords are as decent and professional.

Wil E.

I love how promptly maintenance and any other concern was handled.  Ruby was always very helpful and understanding.  The new fire alarm system is great!

Michelle S

I have appreciated Jessie’s work in managing the building and your promptness in addressing any maintenance issues.

Jack B

I am writing to inform you about my experience with A.T. Smith & Co.  I have been renting with your management company since Oct 2011.  I must say that you are one of the very few property management companies that I have enjoyed doing business with in eight years that I have been in the U.S.  Living in one of the properties managed by your company has been amazing.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ruby, who came across as someone very approachable, warm and prompt.  Based on my experience with your company for the past two years, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends.  You guys are doing a great job.

Akhil K

We recently moved into one of Ruby’s properties and couldn’t be more thrilled with the services and easiness of Ruby Gonzalez.  She made our moving process very manageable and made sure we got put into a very nice place for our first home here in Denver.  Our many thanks to your company and Ruby’s services and we plan on using you again if and when we move.

Brandon J & Mike P

I would like to mention that Jesse Adams is a superb resident manager.  Extremely good in cleaning the hallways, courteous and a nice person.  Thanks again for your assistance and consideration.  Ruby was very courteous as lease manager.

Jeannie W

The work Alan Hale did was perfect.  It was done with knowledgeable and splendid skill.


I liked having the emergency maintenance phone number for after hours.  That helped me a lot when our heat broke in the middle of the night.  We loved the option to pay rent on-line!  That is really convenient.

Stephanie & Mike P

I enjoyed living here and Ruby was a nice person to deal with.  She was well informed and communicated easily when I had questions.  If I need to rent again, I will definitely look to A.T. Smith & Co.

Aurora B

The management and the property were awesome.

Addison W & Kaley H

The location of the building is excellent.  I enjoyed living in the unit I lease from you very much.  Generally it was a great experience.

Francisco V

Laura was always kind and helpful.  She was always willing to talk through concerns and/or problems.  We loved the location of the property.

Dylan P

I would like to thank Laura for everything.  She was always on top of everything and she called me to check if everything was going well and she made sure when I needed something done in this house, it got done.

Delihah R

When I first moved in 2 years ago, I was having a rough patch.  Laura took GREAT care of me upon move in and continued her hospitality throughout my 2 years at the complex.  She has done a wonderful job!

Erin B

I just would like to thank Ruby and her maintenance staff for the great job they did on my bathroom. It looks great!!!! I have been a tenant for 3 years and due to your great customer service and professionalism I will continue to be a tenant. Thank you all again so much!!!!

Celeste D.

Hi Ruby,
Thanks for keeping me up to date about renting the house. You did a great job. But you always do a great job. It’s nice to know you are taking care of my property when I am so far away. I can sleep knowing everything is in good hands.

Patrick A.

We had an overall wonderful experience living at Dover apartments under A.T. Smith & Co. Laura was always very cordial and she handled maintenance requests in a timely manner.
Thank You

Ingrid B

I appreciate everything A.T. Smith & Co has done for me during my six year stay, but it’s time for a change. I know the unit will go quick. It’s been one of the best apartments and location I’ve had the pleasure of living in. Thank you for all your work and understanding.

Samantha R

My wife Ann Marie and I wanted to send a short note to say THANK YOU and give proper credit to Ruby for a job well done. We live out of state, so we had some anxiety about the recent departure of our tenant of 2 years but Ruby rented it with NO DOWN TIME. We lost nothing in the way of rent. We couldn’t be more pleased about that. We just thought you should know.

Todd & Ann Marie S.

I would like to start by stating that the service and professionalism I’ve received from the maintenance crew of your company has been top-notch.
I speak specifically of Alan and Johnny. These two individuals have demonstrated a professionalism and positive attitude and knowledge of their trade that you (or one) just don’t run into everyday, even from the “best of the best” of servicemen out in the market.
I have always enjoyed their brightness and friendly output, but most importantly, their competence in their trade. You can’t just find that combination in any place.
Your company possesses a true asset in these men and I can only hope that you hang onto them.

Jeff S.

Thanks for getting the place(our property) rented!!! I knew you would be the best property manager(Ruby Gonzalez), so glad to have you doing this for Mom’s house.

Debbie A.

I think Ruby is great. Ruby is always on top of everything. She takes care of everything so I don’t have to worry about it. It’s great, we really appreciate it.

David C.

I love Laura. She is young and still learning but she is innovative and thoughtful. She’s putting good ideas out there. I’ve really enjoyed working with her because of her personality and her understanding in what I’m looking for.

It has been really nice. I loved Connie too, and nobody’s perfect. I think it is really hard to have a client and really understand what it is that client truly wants. And on the other hand, what it is truly going to take to keep these places up and rent them at the best price. I give Laura a lot of credit.

Terry L.

I have enjoyed doing business with you for the last couple of years and will keep you in mind if I ever need your services again.

Graciela C.

I have lived here ( rental property) for 5 years and dearly loved Connie before she passed away. Ruby stepped in and she has just been a jewel. And we lost Steve & Liz as our Resident Managers but Ron & Deanna have been awesome. I’m very happy here.

Cathy H.

I think very highly of Ruby. She’s done an excellent job for me and looks out for my interests. I have complete trust in Ruby.

Bob P.

I think Ruby does a superb job! Ruby and Maryland are the ones that I interface with and they do an excellant job of getting the properties re-rented and get the necessary work done whether it’s major or not depending on the tenant. They provide good communication and I’m really satified. I’ve been with A.T. Smith & Co. well over 20 years. I would say we started using A.T. Smith’s sevices in the late 80’s and they have been handling everything ever since then.

Tom C.

I have enjoyed doing business with you for the last couple of years and will keep you in mind if I ever need your services again.

Graciela C.

Everyone is nice. Laura is extremely helpful and gets back to us quickly if there is a problem.

Michele F.

Company gives very fast response on things but sometimes on things that are a small matter tends to take a little bit longer. Everything is great.

Eduardo S.

I had a problem with a tenant several years ago that A. T. Smith took care of. Tenant’s are screened better now than back then. A.T. Smith is doing a great job.


A.T. Smith is doing fine. We’ve been with A.T. Smith & Co for about 22 years. We jus bought 2 more rentals and signed those properties up with A.T. Smith. So we now have a condo and 3 houses with A.T. Smith, we’re happy.

Gay R.

I think A.T. Smith is doing a fantastic job. Ruby has been very helpful. I don’t have to worry about my property being taken care of. I’ve been very happy with the management.

Veronica O.

It’s been a great experience so far. I know Ruby is managing a lot of properties and you have a lot going on but sometimes I don’t get calls back as soon as I’d like. But then again sometimes it’s not critical things. At the end of the day you guys are managing a lot of properties and we’ve been very satisfied with living there. You (Sue) and Maryland you guys are top notch, great customer service, really make us feel like it’s our home even though we are just renting. We definitely love living there. We love you guys.

Arthur W.

Steve, You’ve mentioned improving your services to your clients. I simply cannot imagine better or more considerate service than your firm provides. I thank you.

Jean J.

RE: Laura Freese: Thank you very much for all that you did this spring to prepare and rent my property in Littleton. I appreciate your diligence and professionalism.

Karyn T.

This is regarding Ruby Gonzalez. She is wonderful. When we went out of the state, she did everything for us so we did not have any problems. In the future, we will recommend her to our friends or whoever needs property management. In her hands our house was safe.

Benny K. & Rani B.

I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you. Laura is by far the best landlord I’ve ever had! Great communication and always very friendly! It has been great to work with you. It made our rental experience great!

Alyssa & Shireena