The business world is never stagnant, and that actually works against human nature, because people would much rather work with the familiar. The fear of change or its usual expression as resistance to change is an obstacle in every corporation. For the novice this can be a difficult if not insurmountable problem, unless they turn to a change management company in Colorado.

In general employees want to come to work, do their job, go home and get paid regularly.

This has been the capitalist model for generations, and yet it is not the most effective or productive model. The attitude that says I just work here breeds an indifference to the purpose of the commerce, and that is not competitive. This is what leaders are actually paid to overcome, to inspire workers to believe the organization has value, and therefore so do they.

In addition, supervisors are challenged with and held accountable fro ensuring workers do things in accordance with the rules, regulations and legislation that governs their line of work. If workers comply only under threat of punitive action instead of believing it is the right thing to do, production suffers.

To be genuinely competitive, every employee must have a common vision and purpose.

A national level Malcom Baldridge award winning company was so good at it that the customer care representative in the state farthest from headquarters knew the strategic vision without having to refer to a sheet of paper. This is the essence of competitive production, a team not of groups of directorates, but of uniformly motivated individuals.

It is a novel approach, and one that will require a change in thought by both supervision and workers. The time honored conflict between workers and their bosses is well entrenched. In part this is due to the human effect on unionization; unions have a real and important purpose, but when union stewardship acts in its own preservation, the goal of enterprise can be compromised.

It is important that the leader of an enterprise actually know and care about the processes involved in the business. When the CEO is seen as a figurehead likely to bolt from the position when something more lucrative appears, the employees also protect themselves with distancing from commitment. With no dedication at the top, the employees question the stability and security of their positions.

The anecdotal evidence supporting open dialogue from rank and file to leadership abound; with business opportunities found in unusual places.

A carpet factory worker who used a vending machine regularly suggested adding cushioning scrap carpeting in the bottom of the machine so the cookies would not break. Her supervisor allowed it and the vending machine company signed a large contract with them to modify all their machines.

There was a period of time when Japanese manufacturing made an alarmingly successful push into the American market. Companies everywhere began seeking the answer to what they were doing right. As a management company in Colorado discovered, they learned the entire organization was a single unit, and working as a team meant every worker, top to bottom, was equally valuable.

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